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Using the Digg REST API
Fecha: 22/12/2009 Hora: 9:00 pm

Digg is a social news Web site where users can submit news stories and links and also rank their popularity. Like most entries in the social networking genre, this Web site also provides an API that allows developers to programatically access the site's features. This article will show you how to use that API.
Use DB2 optimization guidelines with your pureXML applications
Fecha: 22/12/2009 Hora: 9:00 pm

Optimization guidelines are a powerful tool that enable you to influence key execution plan decisions, including table access methods, index selection, join methods, and join orders. In the DB2 Version 9.7 for Linux, UNIX, and [...]
Manipulate CSV data with Python and pureXML
Fecha: 21/12/2009 Hora: 9:00 pm

IBM DB2 pureXML allows you to store XML data natively in a relational database management system, giving you the power and flexibility to report on this data without disturbing the advantages that its XML format offers. In this tutorial, you will learn how to connect to a DB2 database from the Python programming language, importing data about population from the [...]
The 10 best of the newest content in the XML zone
Fecha: 20/12/2009 Hora: 9:00 pm

Every month, we publish lists of the Top 10 articles and tutorials -- a dependable list of the most-read pieces in the XML zone. Some articles and tutorials seem to be on that list almost every month, a tribute to their quality and ability to meet the needs of developers. What about the ones that [...]
An introduction to MathML
Fecha: 14/12/2009 Hora: 9:00 pm

MathML is a W3C Recommendation defining an XML vocabulary for marking up mathematical expressions. Version 1 was published as a W3C Recommendation in 1998, shortly after the XML specification was published. Three other versions of MathML have been published as Recommendations: MathML 1.01, MathML 2.0, and MathML 2.0 (2nd Edition), which since 2003 has been the Official MathML recommendation. The [...]
6 tips for optimizing a native XML database
Fecha: 14/12/2009 Hora: 9:00 pm

RSS, Atom, mashups, extraordinary search requirements and other developments are making native XML databases an important part of search applications and services. These types of databases excel at efficiently searching through large collections of semi-structured data. In this article, you'll find some common sense guidelines to maximize the performance of applications that use XQuery and native XML databases.
Generate DITA Java
Fecha: 10/12/2009 Hora: 9:00 pm

Combine DITADoclet and DITA API specialization to save time and still produce quality API documentation directly from the Java source code.
An IBM Mashup Center plug-in to perform XSLT transforms
Fecha: 09/12/2009 Hora: 9:00 pm

Learn how to build an XSLT plug-in for Version 2 of the IBM Mashup Center that takes advantage of the built-in support for Basic and Form-based authentication.
Process XML in the browser using jQuery
Fecha: 07/12/2009 Hora: 9:00 pm

The popular jQuery JavaScript library is best known for its use working with HTML, but you can also use it to process XML, if you're careful and aware of the pitfalls. This article shows how to use jQuery to process the Atom Web feed format. Web feed XML is perhaps the most pervasive XML format around, and [...]
Develop a store locator application using IBM DB2 pureXML and ASP.NET
Fecha: 07/12/2009 Hora: 9:00 pm

In this connected and open world, where data flows freely, you can find a vast amount of useful information on the Web. In the past, if you wanted to find the location of the nearest store for your favorite retailer, you probably looked [...]

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